Smartphones have been in high demand for many years. And these smartphones require intelligent applications for users. As a result, over time, Android became popular for developing these complex applications. Some businesses may hire Android app developer for their projects. However, if you are a developer mastering the fundamentals of Android app development can help you achieve a lot. So, here's how these skills can help you. 

Role of Android developer 

Android developers create mobile applications for various projects for Android. But they also develop apps used for tablets and phones. Sometimes they collaborate with cross-functional teams to entertain a few bugs. And if they are highly proficient, they can enhance your enterprise applications. If you hire an Android app developer, ensure the responsiveness and quality of an application.  

Reasons to learn Android development 

Here are the top reasons to learn Android development.  

1. Open source 

Android is an open-source OS to select for developing applications. It is a Linux-based OS which source code to be free for anyone. The Linux kernel got protected by the GPL. And it implies that even minor changes in a binary are made public. You can also hire an Android app developer for more technical guidance. Furthermore, it allows developers to add or edit program codes easily. 

2. Huge market  

Android compared to other OS, has way massive market share. It is one of the best-selling mobile OS worldwide. But along with phones, it also deals with tablets, desktops, etc. It powers Android Wear, e-Readers, Google Glass, and Android TV. You can also hire Android app developer for more technical guidance. And for all these devices, the Android app development fundamentals are almost the same.  

3. Easy deployment 

To develop an Android app, you just register yourself and create APK. And later submit it on the Android mobile application development platform. So, this process is way simpler than the iOS platform. It happens because in iOS you have been involved in many steps. On the contrary, Android is quite easier and deployed in a day. 

4. Numerous opportunities 

The Android market is rapidly growing, which expands job opportunities for developers. So, you can hire an Android app developer from the vast talent pool. Also opting for Android as a career can offer you good salary packages. Android developers can work under various designations and expertise. So if you are a beginner with Android OS, you can improve a lot more with the skills. 

5. Flexible career 

If you choose Android as your career, it offers way more flexibility and career choice. And the developer doesn't have to fit in only the fixed jobs, they can prefer side gigs too. You can pick from any of the offers available other than the industrial hours. Many Android app development companies offer jobs for developers for various designations and roles. You just need to ensure that your skills and experience shine in your job applications.  

6. Easy learning 

Android demands you to learn Java programming language to excel in Android application development. Java is an easy coding language to learn and understand. But if you have Java knowledge, then you can create Android applications. Many other languages can be used to create Android apps. Kotlin, C++, Python, and C# are examples. There is no such thing as the correct language for Android app development. The Android Developers choose the language for each project based on their objectives and preferences. 


Android can be a little complex when you are a newbie. But here is a list to learn Android to build complex yet demanding applications. For more consideration, consult Android app development company for your projects.